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Crazy test day experiences? Terrible exam proctor? Share your story!

May 1, 2010

Here are stories of terrible SAT exam proctoring: the proctor audibly chatting on her cellphone the entire test, or snipping roses from a bouquet and distracting the students. I’ve had students tell me that their proctor didn’t watch the clock and just let the students keep on working (sweet extra time!) or cut them short (unfair!). This New York Times article recounts some horror tales which will hopefuly make your test day experience look good in contrast.

Have a test day horror story of your own to recount? From terrible proctors to forgotten admission tickets to getting lost on the way to the test locale – I’ve heard some good ones. Please share yours in the comments!


Need to bone up on your math skills? Check out this well-organized, straight-forward high school math review site.

December 23, 2009

1-Stop Shopping for FREE SAT Study Resources

November 26, 2009

Karen Berlin Ishii SAT ACT PrepCheck outĀ my website‘s resources pageĀ for a full list of study resources for the SAT, ACT and college prep.

Hey, scroll down to the bottom: there’s a photo of my son Jun at his graduation from Northeastern University in 2007!

Welcome to SAT Prep NY!

September 12, 2009

Welcome to SAT Prep NY – a blog about preparing for the college entrance exams – from the PSAT to the SAT and ACT and SAT Subject Tests – and all things college-prep.

My name is Karen Berlin Ishii and I am a super-experienced SAT prep teacher living and working as a private tutor in New York City. My goal is to provide my readers with tips and advice on navigating the college test prep process, while expanding my own knowledge and teaching skills, too.

If you are a high school student in the NYC area (or the parent of one), please visit my website to learn about my tutoring services: