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SAT Prep NY Blog has moved – check out the new site…

June 8, 2010

SAT Prep NY blog has moved to a new home – right next door to my tutoring website, Please visit the new location for updates and news on SAT and ACT prep, college admissions ideas, study tips and more!

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A debate on the value and meaning of AP courses

December 21, 2009

Taking AP courses has become seen as increasingly important to getting in to the top colleges. But there is increasing debate about the value of these courses. Read the New York Times’ blog discussion of the controversy.

AP courses - pro and con

1-Stop Shopping for FREE SAT Study Resources

November 26, 2009

Karen Berlin Ishii SAT ACT PrepCheck outĀ my website‘s resources pageĀ for a full list of study resources for the SAT, ACT and college prep.

Hey, scroll down to the bottom: there’s a photo of my son Jun at his graduation from Northeastern University in 2007!