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Last resort: Poor SAT scores but top grades? Consider SAT-optional colleges

April 18, 2010

Sarah Lawrence College is one of a growing number of top colleges which accept students without SAT or ACT scores.

A recent article in New York magazine takes a look at the admissions process at Sarah Lawrence College. According to the author, Sarah Lawrence claims to be the only college in the country that does not consider SAT scores at all. Grades, personal qualities (extracurricular activities, background factors, interview) and writing make up their admissions factors.


A debate on the value and meaning of AP courses

December 21, 2009

Taking AP courses has become seen as increasingly important to getting in to the top colleges. But there is increasing debate about the value of these courses. Read the New York Times’ blog discussion of the controversy.

AP courses - pro and con

College applications: What do colleges REALLY care about on your transcript?

December 1, 2009

Interesting article in the New York Times today.